The Milkman E Liquid

The Milkman E-Liquid

The Milkman
The Milkman has taken a warm, toasted fruit tart, thrown it into a blender with a dollop of delicious vanilla bean ice cream and a splash of fresh milk, delivering a truly sensational flavor right to your taste buds in a delicious, vapable, MAX VG bottle. Well balanced and extremely delicious, The Milkman delivers a perfect vaping experience worthy of being an All-Day-Vape, 30ml at a time. 
 Churrios masterfully blends the flavors of a decadent, warm, fluffy churro topped with cinnamon sugar with creamy fresh milk. Once again delivering the vaping perfection we’ve come to expect from The Milkman.

Milky O's
Milky O's by the Milkman is cookies and milk, but done right. An expertly blended mixtures of flavours which is indicative of the brand, you simply must try MIlky O's.
Pudding is a rich and decadent, creamy vanilla pudding with sweet lemon overtones that handily meets the high standards of excellence you've come to expect from The Milkman. This is definitely a must-try flavor. 
The Milkman's sixth offering is a fresh and sweet raspberry flavor paired with light pie cream and a crispy crumble crust. If you're looking for a light and fruity dessert flavor made with the finest ingredients and the superb attention to detail that The Milkman always delivers, you can count on Crumbleberry.

Warm and Flaky Strudel Loaded with Sweet blueberries, Filled with Rich Cream, and Topped with Powdered Sugar for an irresistible all-day Vape!

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