AZUL BERRIES: Seductively smooth and creamy, presenting an exquisite flavor consisting of juicy and ripe Blueberry and a subtle undertone of Raspberry mixed with a cream blend specifically crafted to bring out and accentuate this delicious mixed berry flavor.

GO NANAS: A tasty combination of a rich, sweet cream base topped with slices of rich and sweet Banana. Smooth, light yet supremely tasty, Go Nanas is the go to banana flavor on the market.

UNICORN: Takes the world famous heritage of Naked 100's fruity e-liquids and blends a sweet, juicy, and out of this world strawberry blend with the smoothest creams to present a perfect balance of notes.

BERRY BELTS: Berry Belts elevates the wildly raved strawberry sour belt concoction, perfectly balanced between the sweet and tarty goodness with a hint of citrus for a breathtaking experience.

SOUR SWEET: Sour Sweets presents a truly stimulating base of refreshing lime infused in soft candy, with a smooth inhale of sweet lime candy and a slight hint of sour on the exhale.

YUMMY GUM: Yummy Gum is a thirst-quenching blend of strawberry bubble gum, with a luscious strawberry infused nicely into the expected bubble gum for a vape unlike any other.

Combines the sweet and juiciness of watermelon, the smooth and crispness of Honeydew, and the tangy kick of Cantaloupe. All three melons are perfectly infused for a melon lover's dream leaving you refreshed and satisfied.

AMAZING MANGO: Juicy Mango with a hint of peach and cream.
GREEN BLAST:  Crisp juicy tartness of a Granny Smith Apple with a hint of Kiwi.

HAWAIIAN POG: Passion Fruit, Orange & Guava 70VG/30PG

LAVA FLOW: Delicious tropical flavor combination of fresh strawberries, with coconut, and pineapple intoxicate the senses and seduce the taste buds. 

VERY BERRY:   Very Berry is a tarty e-liquid that packs  blueberries, blackberries, and a touch of lemon into a recipe that makes summer feel like it lasts all year round. 

BRAIN FREEZE: A fruity menthol flavor combination of ripe luscious strawberries, tangy kiwi and sweet pomegranates.

FROST BITE: Frost Bite is the perfect tropical refreshment, taking sweet and tart Pineapple, rich Cantaloupe, and smooth Honeydew slices, blending them into an ultra satisfying fruity frozen concoction.


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